Town of Elon Social District


Downtown Elon an exciting experience to share!
Enjoy a connected space for you and your family, friends, and colleagues to carry your beer or wine that you purchase from a participating business within the Social District. With each purchased drink, you’ll receive an official Social District container that identifies where and when your beverage was purchased. You’ll then be permitted to travel freely within the district, whether in participating establishments, along the sidewalks, or seating areas. The district now extends around the Downtown block bordered by W. Lebanon Avenue, N. Williamson Avenue, W. College Avenue, and N. Holt Avenue. The District includes a spacious congregating area on S. Williamson and W. College Avenue and a portion of the Elon Community Church grass area, adjacent to the plaza, as indicated.

ELO-Social District Sticker-7.5x8.25 

The Town of Elon Social District aims to provide a cohesive downtown experience — the first in Alamance County — and the result of legislation enacted in 2021 by the North Carolina General Assembly enabling alcohol to be taken outdoors and between participating and licensed establishments. Look for the sticker on business doors or windows to see their participation status. You’ll see three different stickers:

  • The teal “Drinks Sold Here” message denotes locations licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.
  • The gold “Drinks Welcome” message invites your shopping and visiting.
  • The red “No Drinks Please” message lets you know a business is not participating in the Social District.

Social District Rules 

  • Alcoholic beverages MUST be purchased from one of our downtown restaurants or bars
  • NO outside alcohol is permitted in the Social District
  • Social District beverages must be in a Social District cup and purchased from participating business
  • Only beer and wine are allowed to be purchased and taken into the social district area
  • Alcoholic beverages cups must be disposed of as you exit the Social District
  • No alcohol is allowed in any of the parking lots or alley ways
  • Alcohol purchased from a Social District business may be consumed on sidewalks and dining areas within the district, see map.
  • The hours of the Social District are Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm ONLY, no alcohol is permitted on sidewalks or dining areas outside of these hours.
  • Contact the Elon Police Department with any issues at 336-584-1301
  • To report  violation contact the Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency at 919-890-1000

As always, please drink responsibly, and never drink and drive! We look forward to seeing how this new program will help make our Downtown a vibrant and exciting place to visit!

Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with your Town of Elon staff as you see opportunities to make this an even better program. Connect with us at or call 336.586.1009.